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New Appointments boost Alderney Sports

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

PRESS RELEASE 26th February 2021

New appointments boost Alderney sports

The Alderney Sports Foundation's ambition to improve youth participation in sport on Alderney has moved a step closer with the appointment of an on-island Youth Sports Development Team.

Rich Hunt is coordinator with Matt Aldcroft, Joshua Clay, and Harry Symington as the coaches who will interface with the island's sports clubs.

They join Tom Veillard, PE and Sport Development Officer at St Anne's School, who provides the crucial link between sporting activities within the PE curriculum and coaching in the community. Matt, Josh and Harry are well-known on Alderney for their involvement in various sporting activities. Rich is Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Alderney Football Association but has an interest in all sports.

‘These appointments provide a much-needed boost to Alderney’s sporting community and will help drive forward the aims and objectives of the Alderney Sports Foundation,’ said Chairman of Trustees, Simon Brazier.

‘I’m delighted to have been appointed to this role and look forward to working closely with everyone involved in Alderney sport,’ said Rich.

‘The team will be available to help sports clubs on Alderney with their youth coaching and development, applications for funding to assist such activities, and the requirement to adhere to government-mandated safeguarding and inclusion standards to ensure our children participate in sport safely and enjoyably.

‘Each club's needs are slightly different and the team will work with appointed leads to address these and channel support in the right direction.

‘Success will mean that Alderney's youngsters are afforded the same type of sports opportunities that are enjoyed elsewhere. Challenges include a lack of facilities and the cost of travelling on and off the island to engage in competitive sport. Clubs on Alderney have done a remarkable job in overcoming these through expert and dedicated volunteers, and enjoyed considerable success, but much more can be done to support them going forward. That’s where the new team comes in,’ said Rich.

Note to Editors: For further information please contact Rich Hunt on 07911 748642 or email

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